Video dubbing APP development

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Video dubbing APP can realize a variety of voice imitation, make more dubbing video programs.

Video dubbing APP development

Through different video dubbing, can express the picture emotion of film and television. The development of video dubbing APP can provide an online video dubbing APP platform for people. Through different dubbing apps, different pictures can bring different emotional world.

Video dubbing APP development is based on impromptu language organization ability and dubbing, through short videos, videos and users to each video sound matching, imitate different sounds APP can also imitate a variety of voices, make more dubbing video programs.

Video dubbing APP development customized program

1. Video dubbing function: Through various short videos and videos in the system, people can directly choose different videos for impromptu dubbing. After dubbing, the videos will be saved.

2. Scene selection function: Videos will be classified according to different video types and emotional types, and users can select different video types for imitation and dubbing.

3, sound editing function: Through the sound editing function, you can change the text, subtitles and special effects of the recorded video, to create a richer video dubbing effect.

4. One-click sharing function: After recording the dubbing video, users can share the dubbing video with one click and share it to the third party social platforms, such as moments or Weibo.

5. Dubbing contest function: The online dubbing contest function provides users with more dubbing video contests and improves user functions.

In film and television works, sound is an important part. The development of video dubbing APP can build a video dubbing Internet platform for people, and also adapt to the development trend of the current short video APP or video industry.

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In the development of short video app, you can add it to protect teenagers

The current situation of minors obsessed with mobile phones has always been a concern for parents and friends, such as Honor King, Douyin, Daiji, Kuaishou... Short videos and games in the wonderful world in countless mobile phone software, it highlights the boredom of the real world, occupy the great energy of minors. In order to prevent minors from being excessively addicted to short video software, short video apps have developed the function of "time lock" in an attempt to limit users' use time of the software.But in fact, does it really work? The strength of the software operator is too weak, as long as the user does not set the "time lock", "anti-addiction system" will not take effect, see "little effect", the country's hand!First, the stateThe CAC has recently guided and organized short video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou and Huoshan Video to pilot the "Youth anti-addiction system" online, and plans to promote the "youth anti-addiction system" across major online short video platforms in June this year.Two, what's the difference1, more powerfulIn the past, the "time lock" produced by software operators could not force users to open the "anti-addiction system". After all, short video app developers rely on the development and operation of software for a living, and dare not push users too hard for fear of causing users' aversion.This time, however, the state acted. In order to protect minors, especially left-behind children in rural areas, the "Youth anti-addiction System" built into the short video program this time actively screens and screens users by locating users' geographical location information, analyzing the software users' behavior and other high-tech means, and automatically switches to the "adolescent mode" of some users to ensure their physical and mental health.2. More functionsMaybe you've seen stories like "How much do teenage boys pay anchors? Parents go to the software platform, say the child is not sensible, and demand a refund."No one really feels bad in this situation. Parents have a dark hatred in their hearts. "Network red belt broke my child" platform is also very helpless, "how to prove that your child is not sensible, not your adult regret, push the pot to the child? Net red more helpless "I worked so hard to find the reward, you a" child is not sensible "is finished?This problem is well addressed in the new anti-addiction software. With the opening of the teen mode, underage users will not be able to recharge, reward and livestream on the platform, preventing parents and friends from waking up to find themselves "after 30 years of hard work, I returned to the pre-liberation overnight".It can be said that the state stepped in and required the new anti-addiction system developed by short video app to be stronger and more effective. As long as the system is turned on, minors will only use the app for 40 minutes a day during short videos, and when the time is up, they will be forced to log out.The activities organized by the Cyberspace Administration of China have won the support of parents and friends. I trust responsible parents and friends to turn the system on for their children. More short video app development, information and analysis related to short video programs will be released gradually in the future, please look forward to it, friends in need please pay attention to me.

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Singing APP development to meet users' music service needs

With the popularity of singing apps on mobile phones and the pursuit of various music services, users' sense of experience can be greatly improved. In the process of the gradual diversification of mobile platform functions, duet APP has put forward new requirements for the functions of the software, including the display of music works, online music listening mode, online recording, music social platform, etc. From listening to music to making reservations, there are many types of music services. Mobile devices are also the most common devices in most people's lives. They also use mobile phones to provide various services. Music services can also be combined with singing APP software combination.As all businesses need to adapt to the Internet and find users on its platform, the music industry also needs to use this big Internet platform to get more users. APP various music service software form can be around the platform, KTV reservation services and other promotion work. In the long run, it can attract more market users and entice them to spend money on the platform.In the past, most music services were probably along the following lines, whether it was singing or producing music works, most of them were offline, so naturally there was some inconvenience. After all, there are many limitations on the time and space you can spend offline. If you want to innovate, you can sing the APP software can explore more online services. It can innovate across the music spectrum in the UK, so users in need can do a lot with mobile customers. At present, music service has a huge market of users, so the development of singing APP for these users in the era of booking various music works, the software can better meet users' needs for music service.It's important to know that most users today are focused on mobile Internet platforms, which have different characteristics than offline users. The base of network users is relatively large, and the users have the characteristics of high mobility and dispersion. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of these users, we need to build a comprehensive and powerful platform around users, so that the APP can love music through singing. With the advantages of mobile Internet platform, the software functions and services will develop into highly sticky users. Enterprises need to establish proprietary IP, which is to promote the enterprise to have a good brand reputation in the subsequent development. Creating proprietary software IP through singing APP has become the mainstream trend.

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2023 Automated vending machine app development? Talk about five solutions

Vending machines are a late starter in China and the market is far from saturated. In addition, the comprehensive cost of offline stores has increased dramatically. Now, with the popularity of unmanned retail, many people are considering whether to join the industry and get a piece of the action. However, after all, investing is about making money. Many are not familiar with the industry and dare not invest recklessly. They were torn. Today, how will the vending machine app develop? Share with you several solutions for reference only!I, is the input cost of running the vending machine high?The cost of investment is related to the following factors(1) Buy or join? The investment costs must be different. Purchase costs are higher than franchise partnerships, but at the same time there is more freedom. If you join a collaboration, different manufacturers have different cooperation policies and costs vary.(2) The number of operating machines.(3) How much point fee should be paid for the point resources owned.(4) Expenses incurred in the course of operation, such as commodity costs, machine fault maintenance costs, etc.II. How to choose a vending machine brand?First of all, quality and after-sales service are the premise. Secondly, combine their own conditions and marketing needs, choose the right vending machine. For example, when analyzing point requirements, determine whether the type of goods sold is all drinks or a comprehensive type such as drinks + food + daily necessities. The type of goods sold will determine what type of machine is used.III. Based on the above two premises, we should also consider the brand cooperation policyIn addition to the profit from commodity sales, it can also bring other value-added income, such as advertising profit, machine added value, etc., comprehensive comparison, choose the most suitable for your own.IV. Program features1, the use of high performance industry board card, built-in ARM high performance chip series, high processing speed of 2, 0GHz, the Android system is faster and more stable.2, fully compatible with the market full size (5~100 inches) inch), support LVDS/eDP/MIPI/HDMI display interface, large support 4K hard solution, so that the product display and advertising display more attractive.3, support dual screen display, single board card can drive two display screens at the same time.4, rich expansion interface, motherboard program reserve enough external device interface (RS232, RS485, UART, USB, LVDS, EDP, MIPI, HDMI, I2C, SPI, RTC, SPK, ADC, Linein, Lineout, etc.).5, a variety of human-computer interaction, support touch screen, camera, human body induction and other interactive ways.V. Face recognition functionThe vending machines take advantage of the high performance characteristics of the board card to run artificial intelligence algorithms such as face recognition, making the device smarter and more user aware. It is suitable for intelligent conversion of public scenes: shopping centers, office buildings, residential areas, outdoor venues, airports, high-speed rail stations, highway rest stops and other public places.

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