How can we improve the stability of dating apps?

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The means to ensure the stability of marriage app source code involve all aspects before, during and after the event, and we need to do our best to nip the problem in the bud in advance. In this process, we need to be aware of the existence of the problem in the first time, and minimize the scope of impact. After that, we should re-examine the causes and solutions of the problem to avoid recurrence. What are the steps?

Marriage and dating APP

I. Mechanism control

The so-called mechanism control is actually the application of a series of mechanisms to reduce the probability of system problems in the source code development of dating apps. Like marriage and marriage. The app must be delivered via a test link and separated from the developer and tester before the source code can be developed.

II. Monitor alarms

The so-called monitoring warning actually refers to the marriage and love app when there is a problem in the source code, the first time to issue a warning, so that the problem can be quickly located and dealt with in time, as far as possible to reduce the scope of impact. So in marriage and love, what details should we pay attention to when setting monitoring alarm in app source code?

1, clear alarm scope, when the system problems, should be notified as much as possible more people, lest some people miss the notice, leading to the expansion of the problem.

2. When developing the source code of the dating app, the alarm priority should be set according to different situations.

3, alarm finiteness verification, after the stress test, marriage and love are clarified app source function, after the baseline of the server, set the corresponding alarm threshold.

III. Life-saving measures

The so-called life-saving measures refer to some methods to reduce the impact scope in case of problems, which mainly include the following:

1. Stream limiting: In the process of app development in marriage, we can use some traffic limiting tools. In this way, when there is a problem, we can directly open the traffic limiting tools and ensure the normal operation of the system by limiting the processing pressure of the sender of some requests.

2. Downgrade: In the process of app development, we can also downgrade to ensure the availability of the system. The main approach is to turn off some non-core features and provide more resources to the core features to reduce the impact of the problem on the user experience.

IV. Retrospective review

Problems found in the source code of dating apps, no matter how big or small, need to be repeated. First, analyze the cause of the problem, then plan a short-term response, then find a long-term solution through the discussion and research of all the developers, and document the approach in the solution pool for reference.

After all, in real life, marriage and love are perfect app source code does not exist, in the development and testing process it is difficult to find some problems. It only shows up when the system is actually running, and while we can't avoid marriage and love app issues appearing in the source code, we can minimize the impact.

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With the rapid development of the Internet, many enterprises have laid out network channels, including e-commerce, foreign trade business and their own shopping software. So we set up a website and developed wechat mini program, wechat public account, APP and other software. In order to protect our intellectual property rights from being infringed by others, we need to apply for software copyright trademark. Here is how to apply for it. Step 1 Find the official website of China Copyright Center, first select the registration identity information. Step 2 Fill in the account and password to register and log in. Step 3 Select account management to complete the process of real-name authentication. Step 4 After real-name authentication is completed, choose copyright registration, and choose computer software copyright registration. Step 5 Choose the identity, choose the applicant or agent. Step 6 Select the method to obtain the rights, enter the software name, version number, and so on. Step 7 Fill in the software development information, development methods, software classification, etc. Step 8 Fill in the software function details and features. Step 9 Submit to the next step, confirm the information, follow the prompts, choose to mail or go to the local hall. Upon completion, the system will generate a relevant application form. Put together the materials listed in the application form: copy of ID card (signed on each page, cannot be copied), application form, source code, software manual, without binding, give to the local hall or mail to the interface pop-up address. After submitting, you can wait for the results. Normally, if you receive the notice within three weeks of mailing, you can log into the rights registration system of China Copyright Protection Center to check. The relevant acceptance notice will be issued in about half a month. If it does not pass, you will send a correction notice. After modifying according to the suggestions in the notice, you can submit again, then mail the method notice, and approximately two weeks later, it will be mailed to the address you filled in. conclusion Application for software copyright trademark submission materials need to provide software operating environment, configuration, operating system, software code and other related materials. Mainly for the software continuous first 30 pages and after 30 pages of source code technical data, so the need for technology companies to complete all the materials, of course, if you don't like trouble can also find a third party agent application, but the required materials are exactly the same, but the application time can be fast, according to their specific needs to choose.

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What technologies do you need to develop an APP? What are they responsible for?

The development of an APP usually requires a complete team, including product manager, project manager, UI front-end development engineer (web front-end, iOS end, Android end), background development engineer, software test engineer, operation and maintenance engineer. These parts are introduced in detail below.Product Manager: A position that is specifically responsible for the product management of an enterprise. The product manager is responsible for market research, according to the needs of the product, the market and the users, to determine what kind of products to develop, what kind of business model and business model to choose. And promote the corresponding product development organization. He also needs to coordinate research and development, marketing, operations, etc. Determine and organize the implementation of product strategy and a series of related product management activities according to the product life cycle. Generally speaking, a product manager is a full-time manager who is responsible for ensuring that high quality products are completed and released on time. His tasks include listening to what users want; Responsible for product function definition, planning and design; Make complex decisions, make sure the team is running smoothly, track down program errors, etc. In short, the product manager is completely responsible for the final product completion. In addition, the product manager should carefully collect the new demand of users, the data of competitive products, analyze the demand, and analyze the development trend of competitive products.Project manager: From a professional point of view, it refers to the important management positions established by the enterprise with the project manager responsibility system as the core, and the implementation of quality, safety, schedule, cost management and project management level. It takes care of the nature of all transactions. It can also be called an "ExecutiveProducer." Project managers are responsible for successful project planning and implementation. The project manager is the leader of the project team. The main responsibility of the project manager is to lead the project team timely and with high quality within the budget scope, complete all the work content of the project and make the customer satisfied. Therefore, the project manager must provide leadership in a series of project planning, organization, and control activities in order to achieve the project objectives. The project manager of a software development company is also responsible for other responsibilities such as overcoming the core technology of the project.UI Designer: "UI" originally means User interface, is the abbreviation of the English user and interface. UserInterfaceDesigner (UID) refers to the human-computer interaction, operation logic and interface aesthetics engaged in the overall design work. UI designers, whose scope includes advanced web design and mobile application interface design, are among the most sought-after talents in China's information industry. Main responsibilities: Responsible for the art design, creative work and production of software interface; According to various related software user groups, propose new and attractive creative design; Optimize the page, the user operation more humanized; Maintain existing application products; Gather and analyze requirements for the user GUI.Front-end developer: web front-end development engineer's main responsibility is to use HTML/CSS/JavaScript/DOM/Flash and other web interface technology to develop products. Make standard optimization code, increase interactive dynamic functions, develop and develop JavaScript and Flash modules combined with background development technology, simulate the overall effect, enrich the development of Internet Web is committed to improving user experience through technology. The main responsibility of iOS development engineers is to use object-c or swift technology to implement the product interface under the iOS development system and achieve the functional requirements of the iOS system. Engineers engaged in Android development engineers Android mobile application operating system, games and various Android platform functions of the application, technical personnel development and testing. With mobile phone development as the main object, including but not limited to the development and optimization of mobile phone operating system, mobile phone games and other mobile phone functions, mainly meet the functional requirements of Android client and complete the development.Background development engineer: Can develop many languages, such as Java, PHP, C++, python. Background development engineer is mainly responsible for processing front-end requests and giving response results, dealing with a large number of business logic unseen by the front-end, and cooperating with the front-end to complete APP development, so as to make APP performance and functions more complete.Software testing engineer: a professional who knows the functional requirements of a product, carries out tests on it, inspects whether the software is defective or not, tests its performance as it is stable, safe and easy to operate, and writes corresponding test specifications and test cases to ensure that there are no obvious test specifications or test case bugs before the software is released.O&m engineer: Responsible for maintaining and ensuring the high availability of the entire service, constantly optimizing the system architecture, improving deployment efficiency, optimizing resource utilization, and improving the overall ROI. Responsible for participating and reviewing the rationality and operability of structural design to ensure efficient and stable operation of products after release; Responsible for the use of automation technology or platform to ensure efficient launch and launch of products, and then rapid and stable iteration; Responsible for ensuring the stable operation of the product for 7*24H, and can quickly locate and solve various problems during this period; Constantly optimize the rationality of system architecture and deployment in daily work to improve the stability of system services.

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