The seemingly simple voice live APP can meet different needs

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The livestreaming industry probably first entered the public eye on a large scale in late 2014. In recent years, as diversified products have grown from the initial momentum and fission to the recent maturity and stability, they are interpreting the development and struggle history of a live broadcasting industry. In the process of travel, there are a lot of people made outstanding contributions to this, such as Kuaishou, Yingke, pepper "Internet celebrity economy" concept video broadcast platform; Or original short video content sharing platforms such as Douyin and Miaopai, the content wins; Of course, it also includes Betta Fish, Panda, which are grabbing a slice of the industry with products such as game competition or secondary elements, B Station and other vertical live streaming platforms. There are many kinds and a hundred flowers blooming, but most of them are based on video live broadcast, and few platforms are based on voice live broadcast system source code. However, it is this kind of voice platform that has abandoned the hype of selfies, allowing more talents to feel free and free from the interference of external objective factors.

Voice live APP

1, the use of traffic is relatively less, listen to quality content

Through voice, graphic and other forms of live broadcast, form effective live interaction with users. Wish you have a new live broadcast system, fast realization of knowledge. For a live voice broadcast, the actual amount of traffic used is relatively small, and apart from the stimulation of a video picture, we can focus on more subtle content with our ears.

2. Diversified live voice programs to meet different business needs

Voice live APP can meet the business needs of different industries:

Course learning: Training institutions can use voice live broadcast for course explanation and online course learning;

Talk show: People who like humor and wit can show their humor cells through voice live or crosstalk performance to bring joy to more suitable people;

Multi-person chat room: according to their own interests to carry out multi-person chat room, drama, topic, mai, mai on, through the topic of interest to make more friends, broaden the circle of friends, chat with the same interests of people;

Game open black: use voice broadcast room, invite friends to open black game, "King of Glory" eat chicken together, compete with friends, enjoy the fun of the game;

Knowledge explanation: According to your major and professional field, you can live broadcast voice APP to explain knowledge, maternal and infant knowledge, beauty and makeup, photography, financial economics, health care, furniture and home decoration and other industries, explain knowledge, teach, learn while playing, and let knowledge accumulate.

3. Low operating costs

The biggest manifestation of this advantage is that, compared with livestreaming software, operators do not need to spend too much money to find young and beautiful anchors. They focus only on voice and color, not appearance, so the bar for hiring anchors is very low. In addition, the development cost of auxiliary products such as beauty products used by video anchors will be reduced accordingly. In addition, compared to video, audio has bandwidth and CDN due to lower demand, to sum up, the financial pressure in operations will be reduced.

Above is the voice live APP for the moment, its unique advantages, its market is not saturated, now entering the market does not believe that in the near future, the voice live broadcast system source code will be more widely used in other industries.

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