How much is it to develop a live video APP software?

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Based on years of software development experience, how much money to develop a live video APP software depends on the actual needs of users.

Live APP development

First, the number and cost of live video APP developers affect product quotes.

Mobile app development teams typically include project and product managers, product testers and UI designers, iOS and Android technology developers, and so on, assuming a technician earns $10,000 a month, the daily labor cost is as high as $600 per person, the more people the team needs and the more engineering days, the higher the cost and quotation.

Second, the complexity of product features determines the price of live video APP development. If the product requires simple functions, and already has a mature planning plan, then can reduce the amount of pre-prepared work, but also reduce the size of the project team and the length of work, the overall product cost will come down, if the product's functional requirements are more and more novel and complex, but also need to develop IOS and Android and other support platforms, then the cost will be high.

And then there's:

1. Strong company: hope to start from the bottom of all their own research and development, or the use of open source software, this investment is relatively large, the time is relatively long, although there are many live source code on the Internet, but really have done the development of people know that there is still a high technical threshold.

2. Strength of the general company: want to quickly do a product, live and video calls is only an accessibility feature, can consider using third-party services.

3 no research and development strength of customers: hope to spend some money to find an outsourcing company to complete, you can consider buying a set of services directly, the cost and time is the lowest.

Live APP development

In addition to their own development and construction, need to raise an entire development team!

First of all, if our company has sufficient capital reserves and a technology department, we can start our own live platform construction journey from product design, which requires investment in product managers, UI/UE designers, front and rear developers, servers, domain names, and so on.

Second, if you do not have the above conditions for the time being, want to quickly and cheaply build their own live software development system, how to do?

We recommend choosing a third-party company to help build it.

On this basis, you only need to prepare: business license, platform name, requirements statement (can also be issued by the software development company to help), you can start.

Software development company, according to your needs of the book, draw a prototype, draw a UI design, after confirming the business logic, into the development process. What you need to do is: cooperate with the application for various qualifications.

Live APP development

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