What can newbies do to increase their popularity? Skills and experience of novice live broadcast

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What are the development requirements of the live broadcast system?

The live broadcast system can show users an instant interface display, video barrage interactive communication, and complete the whole process of interaction between the network anchor and the audience. In today's vertically segmented industry, the audience's feelings are stronger for users. The visual impact of the display can better meet the requirements of users, increase user stickiness, and thus enhance the visibility of the webcast platform. So, what are the development requirements for a complete live broadcast system?【page design】In the case of a design plan in the page design plan, you can see how the top of the page is designed and made, and you can see how on one of the pages you can see the effect of designing the plan on the page, and everyone can The situation you see is the problem that everyone can understand from here, the effect that everyone can see in it at that time, the problem that I can understand, but the problem that everyone can understand is significant, and the effect of it is obvious. What about some of the problems of tomorrow? Everyone can understand the effects of them, and the main page lists out, one by one live system software, just such an effect. How to grasp the situation and the effect that everyone can understand is the effective design plan from here is appropriate.【Live broadcast function】1. Live broadcast classificationWebcasters have a wide range of live broadcasts. Whether it’s mobile games, talent shows, or outdoors, these are all the live content that users like to see today. In order to distinguish the different types of live broadcasts in the live broadcast system software, users can enter the live broadcast system software. Able to carry out more reasonable queries.2. Live video qualityThe picture quality of the live broadcast is related to the user's watching experience in the live broadcast room, which improves the picture quality of the live broadcast. The picture quality effect of high-definition and high-definition Blu-ray is the favorite of a large number of users. It is difficult to improve the picture quality and enhance the user's watching experience.3. Apply for a live broadcast roomTo present an opportunity for a large number of people who want to become live broadcasts, after a series of verifications and approvals, the final users can apply to the live broadcast room and live independently, introduce a large number of novices to the live broadcast service platform, and enhance the development trend of indoor space.4. Video barrage communicationVideo barrage communication can time users to communicate and interact with the network anchor during the whole process of watching the live broadcast, and the interactive function can further enhance the user's stickiness.5. Care about sharingUsers can care about and share their favorite live broadcasts, and care about being able to receive announcements from network anchors. Sharing can enable a large number of users to grasp and share with friends to watch.【Backstage management function】Some of the internal pages include video, audio, computer typing, attention and likes, and other items that are gifts. Naturally, how can you get the effect from here. In some cases, you can see the problems in the internal page. But some The problem that everyone can grasp in the effect How to design the video display of the page and how much the total width of the video can be seen very clearly. The situation that everyone can grasp is the effect in the content page design plan. It is effective and remarkable. The situation that everyone can understand the effect is grasped. From here, the obvious problem is effective. Only the situation is effective. The situation is the obvious problem.【Function of content page】What is the role of the content page to complete? Among the situations that everyone can see, the situation that everyone can understand is a problem in which the effect comes from. Moreover, the situation that everyone can understand is the effective problem in the obvious problem. Some significant effects are reasonable. The result of the determination is naturally the problem in which the obvious effect of the problem is in the problem. The individual behavior that determines the effect can be applied.

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Nasi web live source code

1. Introduction to the source code of Nass web live broadcast.Fast construction, open source source code, one-year after-sales, can do two openIntegrate game sparring, interest-making friends, multi-language chat, and various social functions in oneBring you a unique online dating experience2. What can the Nass web live broadcast source code do?Multi-person language chat: Users can build or join multiple sound rooms by themselves, send orders in the rooms, and show talents such as music and dubbing.Game categories: Glory, Peace Elite, League of Legends...Various games can be added at will in the background.List of great gods: Who has the most super gods? Whose marksmanship breaks? Users here can enjoy it.Private message chat: Support one-to-one voice and one-to-one video chat mode, which can be switched freely.Dynamic release: The anchor can display their talents through this module, and cooperate with the relevant game skills of the content to be published, which helps users to screen objects.Lobby for grabbing orders: After the host has passed the game skill certification, he can view the orders that match him in the lobby.Invite to make money: User friends can download the platform through the invitation code. After the friends recharge, the user can get income from it.Quick order: Users can place orders according to the type, level, gender, odd number and other parameters to recruit game gods in all directions.Personal homepage: signatures, dynamics, photo albums, skills...perfectly display personal information, and truly make friends with games.Applicant: Feel that you are playing okay? Users can apply for the game god by virtue of the real-name authentication of game skills.3. Where can the source code of the Nas web live broadcast be used?Game sparringMulti-person chat roomEmotional counselingAccompany shopping for dinner4. What are the advantages of the Nass web live broadcast source code?Flexible and variable: Additional modules such as short video shooting, online karaoke, and psychological counseling can be added according to the customer's operational needs to meet a variety of application scenarios.Stable and efficient: The microphone is stable and smooth, the video is ultra-low latency, and the mature and high-concurrency solution can effectively avoid jams and noise in audio and video calls.Safe and reliable: high defense system, data encryption, multiple protection measures, to escort the information security of the game play system.5. How to get income?It can be passed:Platform game event advertisementPay time to play withPaid image videoValue-added paid dress upChat room gift rewards...To get more income.6. What special services can we provide?Assistance in launching: Provide users with free third-party SDK application and access, and assist in launching the platform.Development and customization: According to business needs, we can provide customized development services for the play-to-play system.Construction and deployment: The construction can be completed within a short time, and construction learning training is provided.High concurrency optimization: Provide high concurrency, big data solutions, support database read-write separation and cluster deployment.And strong after-sales support:System construction and deployment to client serverSystem-related technical development documentsSystem-based secondary development serviceApply to purchase a server, apply for a domain nameAssist customers to apply for related interface servicesProvide online technical work order services

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Is the income of game anchors really that high?

Recently, I heard many people say that the income of game anchors is tens of millions a year, the number of viewers of XX anchors is as high as millions, and sometimes there are hundreds of thousands of local tyrants who pay hundreds of thousands of gifts in one night. Then the income of game anchors is really so. Is it high?1. It is of course true that some famous game anchors earn tens of millions.2. The income of game anchors may vary from person to person. The monthly salary of many anchors includes overtime, business trip, performance bonus, etc. There are also some big anchors, advertising, opening online stores, selling clothes and selling beef, etc., plus going out to participate in activities, there are many ways to get money. No matter how bad, there will be some local tyrants who spend money on their knees and pray for the Spring Festival.3. The popularity value of the live room is not the real-time online number, but the popularity value. Anyone who has made a website knows that as long as you change the cache setting in the background, you can include all the IPs that enter your website for 2 hours or even 24 hours, even if he just came in.In addition, there is a doubling technique. Under this premise, the data is multiplied by 3, multiplied by 10, and I want to multiply by 10,000. As long as it is live broadcast, they can let the announcer live broadcast, and the popularity value exceeds the population of the earth.4. Gifts are divided into entrusted and real person brushes. Responsible for stimulating the audience, igniting the jealousy and vanity of potential local tyrants. The same reason as many web games. woc! You dare to beat the woman I like! Are you richer than me? Who is afraid of whom? Under this kind of psychology, it can indeed stimulate users to increase the income of game anchors.5. Many people think that the live broadcast circle is very chaotic, but they can't speak. Most announcers really work hard, talents, and do it bit by bit. To be honest, if you don't have the talent and status, you won't necessarily get into chaos if you want to mess up.Although platforms and capitalists can use promotion resources to control your income. However, as long as you do it honestly, you have real ability. Unless you are blocked, you can also earn.All kinds of temptations. Every industry is the same, most of them are serious anchors, and some cannot stand the temptation.You think the live broadcast circle is messy, just because these things are too big.In an industry with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of participants, various fringe news has expanded infinitely.The potential rules of the workplace have these taints in all walks of life. Why does no one think girls at work are confused? Because you don't care about this!In any industry, as long as there is a market, participants in demand will have vitality. Moreover, with the extension of this vitality, even things that no longer flow in will sooner or later become classics and have very strong emotional fans.

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Is the video live broadcast system easy to develop?

Is it difficult to develop a live video system by yourself? This problem is very simple for professional and technical personnel, but the actual operation may be very complicated for novice Xiaobai. The live video broadcast needs to be distributed to people in any physical place on the whole network at the same time, which involves a lot of data processing and distribution. What are the benefits of developing a live video broadcast system? What are the benefits of the technical structure of the live broadcast platform? Let me answer one by one below.1. What are the benefits of developing a live broadcast system by yourself?1.1 Dedicated live broadcast platform.Use other platforms.Make your own video channel.Dedicated live broadcast platform.Use video as a medium to create an enterprise's own TV-level publishing window.1.2 An open live broadcast platform.From restricted viewing methods to ubiquitous.The open live broadcast platform integrates a variety of media. Visit WeChat. Web pages, web pages.1.3 Interactive live broadcast platform.Let the audience watch.Let the audience participate in the exchange.The interactive live broadcast platform allows the audience to participate in the interaction, integrate into the live broadcast, and narrow the distance between each other.1.4 Data live broadcast platform.From fuzzy participants to correct arrival data.Show users through correct data transmission.2. The technical structure of the video live broadcast system development.2.1 The process of the development and acquisition party (announcer) of the live broadcast system.1) Audio and video collection.2) Video processing (beauty, watermark)3) Audio and video coding and compression.4) Pack the audio and video into fly format.5) Common framework: FFmpeg frame, codec, push stream h264 frame: video format conversion librtmp frame: push stream.2.2 Streaming media server.The flow of the server.1) Data Distribution (CDN)2) Real-time conversion of codes.3) Screenshot: Show the cover of the announcer.4) Record video.Commonly used server nginx+rtmp_moduleRed5SRS.2.3 The process of developing the broadcast end (viewer) of the video live broadcast system.1) Extract flv video stream.2) Audio and video decoding.3) Play.4) Chat and communicate.5) Commonly used frameworks.FFmpeg frame: encoding and decoding, pulling stream, ijkPlayer frame: playing, librtmp frame: pushing stream.Basically, this is the technical structure of the video live broadcast system development. Regarding the development of the live broadcast system by yourself, the editor-in-chief still recommends to learn more. If it doesn't work, find a professional live broadcast system development company. After all, their development experience is beyond our reach.

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What are the ways to build the live source code of the finished app?

Now that the live broadcast market is booming, many people want to build their own live broadcast apps. Among them, it is a better choice to integrate the capital, technology and time cost. It is a better choice to purchase the live source code of the finished app and then carry out private custom development. On the one hand, it saves time and money. On the other hand, the source code of the finished app is well done by the software company. The source code can ensure smooth operation, just like every item on the shelf of a grocery store, you can pay for it, which is convenient and fast. If you want to carry out secondary development, you can also sign a contract to set the construction period and deliver within the specified time. That's it.For the selection of the source code of the final product, original development and mixed development are also issues that many customers struggle with. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of native development and hybrid development?1. Pros and cons of native development:Native development is very friendly to operators and users. Native development requires pre-planning, intermediate writing, and later testing. It takes more than half a year of development time, but it is stable and smooth and can be used for secondary development. Regardless of the system's fluency, compatibility, stability, and security, it is quite reliable.But compared with mixed development, native development is more expensive, because the same software needs to be developed twice on both IOS and Android, which requires professional skills and a longer time to complete.2. Pros and cons of mixed development:The advantage of mixed development is that it is friendly to developers of one-to-one live streaming APP source code. The developed one-to-one live streaming APP source code can be compatible with multiple platforms and run freely on Android, IOS, and Windows, and there is no need to repeatedly develop the same application. , Saving money, time and labor costs.The shortcomings of hybrid development are very obvious. The one-to-one real-time APP program of hybrid development runs slowly, and the user experience is obviously not as good as native development, and the hybrid development technology is not yet mature.Therefore, native development and hybrid development have their own advantages and disadvantages. The specific development method to choose needs to be determined according to the project. Native development is generally preferred to hybrid development, and it is relatively strong in response speed, fluency and user-friendliness.Not all functional live broadcast source code is availableDifferent subdivisions and different user portraits will inevitably have different functions. Although some people think that the service sources provided by professional live broadcast websites and the live broadcast system they provide should be the best of everyone. But the needs of each user are different, and a system cannot serve all users well. It must have its own precise positioning and target user group, so that it can be targeted when developing functions and better attract target users.Finally, pay attention to after-sales serviceThose companies in the ordinary market that won’t tell you about after-sales service issues will only tell you that the software system is absolutely stable and smooth. As long as the management does not deliberately change the source code of the system and cause the system to crash, the company will provide it. One year of free after-sales service (providing technical consultation and bug fixes).

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How much does it cost to develop live broadcast software?

With Huya and Douyu going to the US to go public, the live broadcast industry has also ushered in its own bright moments.In recent years, the popularity of the live broadcast industry has led all walks of life to integrate with live broadcasts to increase the user experience and cashing capabilities of enterprises. Especially with the rise of the e-commerce live broadcast industry, many companies want to promote the formation of a live broadcast marketing model by establishing their own live broadcast applications. Of course, when developing live broadcast software, the biggest concern is price. Today, Nass Network will talk in detail about the development cost of the live broadcast software.1. Development functionFirst of all, we must know that there are many kinds of live broadcast software, such as live broadcast system, live education system, one-to-one live broadcast system and so on. Various live broadcast software development functions are different, and the required prices are also significantly different. For example, the internal live broadcast system that many companies need is mainly for conference and office, so the functions they need are very simple. If it is a live delivery system, it needs more functions, especially related payment functions, order logistics functions, etc. Therefore, the development function of the live broadcast software is different, the related developers and the development cycle are also different. The more function development, the more complicated it is, and the higher the corresponding development cost.2. Development methodThe development cost of live broadcast software is also affected by the development method. Under normal circumstances, the development of live broadcast software by enterprises needs to be customized, and the development company develops software according to the special needs of customers. Therefore, the development cycle of customized live broadcast software needs at least 2 months, and the development cost needs at least 100,000 upwards. Of course, if the company chooses to use template development, the development price is low, but the quality of subsequent live broadcast software development and user experience will not be guaranteed.3. Development teamThe development cost of the live broadcast software is also affected by the development team. There are many software development companies on the market now, and the company's strength and development experience are biased. Some start-up teams may attract customers at low prices, but in fact the development quality of live broadcast software is not guaranteed. Therefore, the strength of the development company is not only related to the success of the application, but also related to the difference in development costs.In summary, the development cost of custom-developed live broadcast software is generally more than 100,000 due to multiple factors such as development functions, development methods, and development teams. Regardless of the cost, it is important to choose a professional APP development company. As a professional live broadcast system development company with many years of research and development experience, Hubei Nasi Networks not only has mature development technology, but also has complete development services, which can guarantee the successful implementation of the live broadcast system development projects of our customers!

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