Mini Program Video Live Broadcast Distribution System System Development

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What are the functions of live short video system development

The development of a new live studio short video system must be accompanied by some new and indispensable functions. Now, what are the indispensable functions for everyone.1. Video recording. It is indispensable to develop the video recording function of the short video system in the live room. The length of the video recording time can be set at will. After the video recording is over, a simple solution can be realized, including skin beautification, plus bgm, plus actual conversion site Effects, etc., the establishment of a variety of functions can be completed by connecting a large number of SDKs. Both the SDK for video resolution and the SDK for video shooting can give users a very good experience.2. Video sharing. In order to better increase the total traffic of the website developed by the short video system in the live room, the sharing function is indispensable. After the video is released, it can be shared by one-click and sent to other third-party service platforms. Sharing methods include video connection, immediate video conversion and other methods.3. Music background. Damaged by copyright elements, music background has always been a content that is very annoying for short video service platforms. Misuse of music background is likely to lead to infringement liability. Therefore, it is recommended that operators choose good songs when adding music background. , To prevent a lot of unnecessary legal disputes.4. Like the video. The short video system in the live broadcast room develops a distinctive video highly recommended system, and the video likes is inseparable from it. Likes is the user’s recognition of the original creator’s video quality. For videos with high likes, the service platform will give With a large number of window recommendations and a frequency of strong recommendations, the creators also attach great importance to video likes. Often, if they see like at the end of the video, they will like it or care about it.5. Information function. The development of the short video system in the live broadcast room adds the @ function in the evaluation area, and the user can be in the comment area @自己的朋友. The system software publishes messages, version upgrades, bug fixes, new feature releases and other content to users according to the method of private chat. Private chats among users apply text, photos, and video communication, and it provides users with new communication methods. At the same time, it has broadened its own social circle for chatting and making friends.6. Management and control system. Regardless of the service platform, management and control are indispensable, especially in the short video service platform with a large total traffic, it is also necessary to expand the supervision of video content. In addition to the regular content review of the live broadcast room, the short video system development in the live broadcast room also applies to the system software approval of the video. The system software checks the video according to the optimized algorithm system, and does not give a basis for the video that has illegal behavior; The second review and approval were carried out by manpower, which greatly reduced the frequency of videos that violated regulations.

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Video live streaming APP development plan

Plan introductionThe live video app makes it a reality for all members to be anchors. Compared with computer live broadcast, video live broadcast APP is more convenient. Before, if you want to broadcast live on the PC, you need to adjust the video and microphone. The steps are very complicated, and sometimes it will not be tuned well. However, the live video app can be broadcast live by simply turning on the mobile phone, which is simple and convenient, so it is loved by users as soon as it is released.Key functionMobile client functionThe live broadcast lobby provides users with the actual operation and chatting information of the live video broadcast, as well as the corresponding push information, gifts, MMS, etc., that is, members can realize video and voice private messaging with the anchor;Chat: It is mainly the small chat for interactive communication on mobile phones, including push messages, push gifts, push MMS, and private messaging functions, that is, members can realize video and voice private messaging with the anchor.Love to see the deficiencies that have faded in the past, and users can watch it on any occasion, and it is not easy to miss all the wonderful moments;Community: The community is a service platform for members to communicate and exchange, where organizations can publish the latest news, and members can publish posts;Settings: Room video settings: turn off the video, turn off the sound, accept new information, sound reminder, sound reminder;More: It contains several elements of settings, my materials, feedback, manuals, and updated versions.Backstage management system functionUser description: The key user population includes tourists, members, VIP members, etc.;Visitors: Management authority: able to preview all opened spaces, and able to access online members in the roomMember: You must apply for registration. After applying for registration, the management rights you can get include the ability to preview all opened rooms; the ability to push messages, MMS, send gifts, and access online members in the roomManagement control module: user high-level management, that is, high-level management can add the next level of management, and set different supervision and control modules for different management.Announcement control module: For different room announcements, senior managers announce to all rooms, agents can have the right to allow announcements in rooms under the house, and network anchors can publish in their own rooms;Statistical analysis of room merchandise: daily record of daily merchandise in the room, including gift merchandise and VIP room merchandise, and has the function of exporting data information.

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What problems need to be solved to develop a live broadcast app

Generally speaking, if a webcast platform often produces delays and freezes in the interactive link, which results in a poor user experience, the users flowing into other websites can also be regarded as a great deal of damage. Therefore, in the development and design process of live APP, the first difficulty that must be overcome is how to reasonably and effectively reduce delay and improve fluency.Speaking of this, I have to mention CDN or Content Delivery Network. In short, CDN is equivalent to a transfer station. According to the RTMP protocol, the audio and video were pushed to the CDN, and then the audience started to pull the stream to watch. There are many connection points on the CDN, which can instantly redirect the user's requirements to the nearest service item node away from the user based on the information management of the website traffic and the connection of each node, the load situation, the distance to the user, and the response time. The host publishes the locally collected video to the CDN, the CDN caches and shares the rtmp protocol, and the client obtains the buffered video stream in the CDN to play the video. The purpose is to enable users to get the necessary information in principle and deal with Internet congestion, and to improve the response time for users to browse the website. In that case, the delay will of course be reduced, and the anchor and the user will not easily feel that the delay is large and the experience will be poor based on the instant interaction.There is also the level of caching settings for the web server. Generally, the web server will first cache a part of the live data, and then transmit the information to the terminal device with the help of the data to ensure the smoothness of the data transmission. As long as there is a cache file, it will cause a certain delay in the live broadcast room. For scenarios with higher requirements for the live broadcast room, it will be stipulated that the cache file can be reduced to achieve a smaller delay. Naturally, the smaller the corresponding cache file is, the data information cannot be downloaded immediately when the network space is not good, and a stuck condition will occur. Therefore, improvement must be carried out according to the network server level to ensure the smoothness of data transmission by the network server.If a good webcasting platform wants to stay in the network industry for a long time, the first thing that must be paid special attention to is whether the user's sense of experience can meet the user's estimation. If in the link of APP development and design in the live broadcast room, problems that endanger the experience such as delay and freeze cannot be effectively dealt with, a large number of anchors and users will be lost in the long run. In that way, dealing with problems such as delays and freezes is the most fundamental aspect of the R&D process, so a professional team must carry out operation and maintenance.

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Precautions for the development of short video live app source code

In recent years, short video apps have once become the outlet of the field. Many investors are rushing to focus on the development and design of short video apps. Today, we analyze the characteristics of short video apps and the precautions in the whole process of short video app development.1. Features of short video app development:1) Big data intelligent system characteristicsBig data can integrate optimization algorithms based on user preferences, so that the content that users like to watch can be accurately distributed to the user's mobile phone, thereby increasing the video playback rate and generating user stickiness.2) Meet user fragmentation requirementsThe fragmentation of the short video app incorporates every fragmented leisure time of the user every day, and fits the fragmented reading and viewing habits of users.3) The application of new technology stimulates the production of short video contentThe use of skin beauty, ps filters, facial recognition technology and various video editing functions make short video APP production and manufacturing content more intelligent and intelligent systems.2. So what precautions must be paid attention to when developing and designing short video apps?1) Video content big data strongly recommended systemThe strong recommendation system is the key to the short video app. Therefore, how to solve the strong recommendation and decide the user experience, a good recommendation system can quickly occupy a large number of users and the sales market.2) The actual effects of various skin beautification videosIt can form higher-quality video content, and at the same time, it is also humanized, which enhances the color and the strong temptation.All in all, relying on the product characteristics of "big data + fragmentation + skin beautification", short video APP service platform will obtain sufficient development trends. In the future, including the improvement of various innovative technologies such as vr, the development trend of short video apps will be even greater. Diversification.

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What are the Linux system architectures

To understand the Linux system, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of its system architecture. The following editor will give you an explanation of the Linux system architecture. Friends who are interested may wish to learn about it.Based on the following figure, I illustrate the architecture of Linux. (The picture refers to "Advanced Programming in Unix Environment")The innermost layer is the hardware, and the outermost layer is the applications commonly used by users, such as firefox browser, evolution to check emails, a computational fluid model, and so on. Hardware is the material basis, and applications provide services. But between the two, there will be some twists and turns.Remember Linux boot. Linux first starts the kernel, which is a computer program that directly manages and manages hardware, including CPU, memory space, hard disk interface, network interface, and so on. All computer operations must be passed to the hardware through the kernel.In order to conveniently call the kernel, Linux makes the function interface of the kernel into a system call. System calls look like C language functions. You can call it directly in the program. The Linux system has more than two hundred such system calls. Users do not need to understand the complex structure of the kernel to use the kernel. The system call is the smallest functional unit of the operating system. An operating system, and applications based on the operating system, cannot achieve functions beyond system calls. A system call function is like a stroke of a Chinese character. Any Chinese character must be composed of basic strokes (dot, horizontal, apostrophe, etc.). I can't invent the strokes.Enter $man 2 syscalls in the command line to view all system calls. You can also use $man 2 read to view the description of the system call read(). The 2 in these two commands means that we want to query in the 2 category (system call category) (the specific categories can be seen through $man man).The functions provided by the system call are very basic, so it is very troublesome to use. A simple operation of allocating memory space to a variable requires multiple system calls. Linux defines some library routines to combine system calls into some commonly used functions. The above operation of allocating memory can be defined as a library function (a function like malloc()). For another example, when reading a file, the system call requires us to set the required buffer. I can use the read function in the Standard IO library. This read function is not only responsible for setting up the buffer, but also for using the read system call function. Using library functions has no efficiency advantage for the machine, but it can save the programmer from the details. The library function is like the radicals of Chinese characters. It is composed of strokes, but it is easier to form characters with radicals, such as "iron". Of course, you can also directly call system functions without using library functions, just like the word "person", without radicals.(In fact, for an operating system to be called a UNIX system, it must have some library functions, such as ISO C standard library, POSIX standard, etc.)The shell is a special application. Many users call it the command line. The shell is a command interpreter (interpreter), when we type "ls -l", it interprets this string as1. Find the file in the default path (/bin/ls),2. Execute the file with the parameter "-l".I used "to indicate redirection before, and | to indicate pipes, which also explained the meaning of & or | through the shell. Shell then uses the command kernel to implement specific redirection or pipelines through system tuning. Before there was a graphical interface, the shell acted as the user's interface. When the user wanted to run some applications, he could enter commands through the shell to run the program. The shell is programmable, it can execute text that conforms to the shell syntax. Such text is called a shell script (script). As you can see in the architecture diagram, the shell provides system calls and various applications. At the same time, there are many small tools of its own. Shell scripts can implement complex functions in just a few lines.One of the UNIX philosophy is to let each program do a small function independently as much as possible. The shell acts as the "glue" between these small functions, allowing different programs to work together with a clear interface (text flow), thereby enhancing the functions of each program. This is one of the reasons why Linux veterans encourage novices to use more shells and less graphical interfaces.(There are also many kinds of shells, the most common is bash, there are also sh, csh, tcsh, ksh. They appear in different years, and the supported functions are also different.)A terminal using bash shellA shell corresponds to a terminal (terminal). Once said, a terminal was a hardware device used to input and display output. Nowadays, due to the popularity of graphical interfaces, the terminal is often a graphical window just like the picture above. You can input or output text through this window. This text is directly passed to the shell for analysis and interpretation, and then executed.Finally, we enter the general application. Application is a program, it can1. Call system functions directly2. Call library functions3. Run the shell scriptThese applications can be developed in multiple languages. The most common is the C language.SummarizeLinux uses the kernel to realize the dialogue between software and hardware.Through this interface called by the system, Linux separates the upper-layer application from the lower-layer kernel, hides the complexity of the bottom layer, and improves the portability of the upper-layer application.Library functions use system calls to create modular functions,Shell provides a user interface and allows us to use shell syntax to write scripts to integrate programs.The above is the introduction of the Linux system architecture. From the pictures in the article, it can be seen that the Linux system is mainly composed of hardware, kernel, system calls, shell, and library functions. Through reading this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of the Linux system. Understanding.

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What are the software development frameworks

Framework is a special tool that programmers will often use in the process of software development, and now everyone will learn about the types of common frameworks for software development based on classic cases.1. MyBatis frameworkMyBatis is an excellent persistence layer ORM framework, which encapsulates the database query process of jdbc, so that developers only have to care about SQL itself, and do not need to spend energy to solve such as application for registration promotion, establishment of connection, establishment of statement, manual Set the main parameters, result set search and other complex process coding of jdbc.2. the Spring frameworkUndoubtedly, Spring has already become the basic development and design framework for thousands of enterprises, but most Java technical engineers will have various problems in the application process, such as: see so many establishments and don’t know how to start? How does Spring solve the loop? The system depends on the problem? How to integrate Spring with other frameworks?3. SpringMVC frameworkThe SpringMVC framework is still a competitor. With the change of time, it expanded into a complete MVC framework and continued to transform into a full-scale Java framework. The framework is known for its advanced ecosystem, which gives a lot of additional options, from RESTAPI to security data encryption and authorization.4. SpringBoot frameworkSpringBoot improves and upgrades Spring defects. According to the concept that promises are better than equipment, we don't need to carry out thought conversion between preparation and logical business processes, further improve the actual effect of product research and development, and reduce the engineering cycle time to a certain level.Grasping SpringBoot allows us to make every effort to invest in the programming of logical services.

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