What are the precautions before the development of the Sodium Live program?

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Do live program development before to do a good job of preparation, otherwise do live software is only personality or have a gorgeous appearance, but there is no practicality. Let's take a look at the considerations we need before developing a live program:

Live program development

First, determine the object of live program development:

Before developing a live program, there must be a specific group of people, so that when doing software development will be able to have a goal, in doing software development can also be for this group of people's general style to develop the style of live broadcast. So, before you do live program development, be sure to think about the audience you're targeting.

Second, determine the development style of live software:

Before you do live program development, you can locate the style of live program development that you want to do. Can be broadly divided into two categories, one is a functional type, this type is more attention to software features, so that their live programs seem to be able to obtain more information display and functional classification; The other belongs to the display type, this type is more aesthetic, in the visual want to give people a sense of impact, let people have an interest in this live program, and then generate app interest.

Live program development

Third, determine the development of live broadcast functions:

Before you do live program development, come up with a general framework, that is, the whole live program development of the main part. For example, some page frames, practical functions, pages and so on, for anchor resident, host features will be more convenient to add. Also avoid a lot of re-development difficulties. This makes it much easier to design software development.

Fourth, determine the page layout of the software.

This aspect is from the user's experience, for example, can be added back to the bottom of the live software development of this item, so that the viewer is more convenient, otherwise if you also have to slide, the viewer will be very disgusted, can not go back to the previous interface may directly exit the live program development. So in terms of layout or detail, do live program development before you have to think carefully.

Live program development

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