Do netizens want to know the whole process of live software development? Look here!

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Today, say what netizens care about about live software development!

Live software development

First, have their own software technical team:

If you want to develop live video software, you have to have at least your own technical team.

Have a block of their own office space and basic development equipment (computers, mobile phones) and so on.

Second, the positioning of software products:

1, determine the function of the software:

The basic functions of the software are: multi-channel login/payment/share, live shooting, private messages, comments, attention, multi-category list, sending gifts, red envelopes, a variety of room settings, beauty and other functions. As for short video, mall and other functions can be selectively developed.

2, determine the UI page:

UI interface is written with code, some with a picture on, a good UI interface smooth, beautiful, small memory consumption.

Do netizens want to know the whole process of live software development? Look here!

3, determine the language of software development:

Now the more popular video live program development language is usually like this, mobile Android development language: java native development, IOS use: objective-c native development, background management using PHP language development.

Live software development

4, determine the streaming media protocol:

If you choose to do WeChat side small program live, you can choose HLS, if it is APP can choose RTMP protocol, the two protocols have their own advantages, according to product positioning to choose.

Third, live software development and system debugging:

Software development is how difficult not to say, just say system debugging, is now popular mobile phone models are a variety of different manufacturers of different systems of different hardware conditions of each model to be adapted, the process is boring and painful.

Fourth, the third party docking:

After the video broadcast software development, but also with the three parties to achieve some of the services we can not independently develop, such as calling map positioning, such as more advanced beauty services

V. Prepare for the shelf.

Live app software delivery will be completed and will be available on the market for applications such as Android or Apple, depending on product needs.

If there is a small partner who is not clear in the comments area message, like, follow plus forwarding. All right, that's it this time. Goodbye, friends!

Live software development

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