How much is it to develop a live video APP software?

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Based on years of software development experience, how much money to develop a live video APP software depends on the actual needs of users.

Live APP development

First, the number and cost of live video APP developers affect product quotes.

Mobile app development teams typically include project and product managers, product testers and UI designers, iOS and Android technology developers, and so on, assuming a technician earns $10,000 a month, the daily labor cost is as high as $600 per person, the more people the team needs and the more engineering days, the higher the cost and quotation.

Second, the complexity of product features determines the price of live video APP development. If the product requires simple functions, and already has a mature planning plan, then can reduce the amount of pre-prepared work, but also reduce the size of the project team and the length of work, the overall product cost will come down, if the product's functional requirements are more and more novel and complex, but also need to develop IOS and Android and other support platforms, then the cost will be high.

And then there's:

1. Strong company: hope to start from the bottom of all their own research and development, or the use of open source software, this investment is relatively large, the time is relatively long, although there are many live source code on the Internet, but really have done the development of people know that there is still a high technical threshold.

2. Strength of the general company: want to quickly do a product, live and video calls is only an accessibility feature, can consider using third-party services.

3 no research and development strength of customers: hope to spend some money to find an outsourcing company to complete, you can consider buying a set of services directly, the cost and time is the lowest.

Live APP development

In addition to their own development and construction, need to raise an entire development team!

First of all, if our company has sufficient capital reserves and a technology department, we can start our own live platform construction journey from product design, which requires investment in product managers, UI/UE designers, front and rear developers, servers, domain names, and so on.

Second, if you do not have the above conditions for the time being, want to quickly and cheaply build their own live software development system, how to do?

We recommend choosing a third-party company to help build it.

On this basis, you only need to prepare: business license, platform name, requirements statement (can also be issued by the software development company to help), you can start.

Software development company, according to your needs of the book, draw a prototype, draw a UI design, after confirming the business logic, into the development process. What you need to do is: cooperate with the application for various qualifications.

Live APP development

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Mini Program Video Live Broadcast Distribution System System Development

1. Mini Program Live Streaming Empowers MerchantsThe release of the live broadcast function of the mobile WeChat applet means that many merchants can immediately carry out the same closed-loop control of market sales in the WeChat applet as Taobao live broadcast, and can rely on the WeChat official account and the precise users accumulated by the merchants for many years, and their social marketing Accurate zoning and credit endorsement of groups such as WeChat Moments and WeChat Moments can reasonably reduce the way for transactions to reach.2. Mini program live broadcast for real-time interactive communicationMerchants can carry out real-time information interactive exchanges with users according to the live broadcast of the mini program, reducing the time for users to think about purchases and completing users' instant orders. In the Kesuyun live WeChat applet, it can be used for product order purchase, discount coupons, evaluation, attention and likes, etc., to help merchants and users to have stronger real-time interaction and communication, allowing users to watch anytime, anywhere , Activate the user's impulse to buy, reduce the time for users to place an order!3. Mini program live broadcast + close integration of distributorsMobile WeChat is currently the most popular social networking tool on the market. The sharing and fission of relatives and friends’ social circles has always been the main method of marketing and promotion for merchants. The upgrade of the live broadcast function of the mini program can also complete the live broadcast faster + The new marketing promotion model of distributors, based on the composition of mini program live web page + product link web page sharing, allows sharing masters and viewers to have a relatively stable relationship with distributors, and only the viewers need to buy during the live broadcast. Commodities, sharing masters can get marketing promotion rewards, which greatly promotes the fission of users, and assists companies and businesses to complete the high-frequency monetization of user traffic faster!4. Direct display of the mini program live channelThe live broadcast channel in the WeChat applet can be directly installed in the navigation bar of the homepage. After entering the WeChat applet, users only need to click [Live Channel] on the navigation bar to see the directory page related to the live broadcast. Just select the live broadcast you want to see and click to view it.In addition, the mini program live broadcast can also enable the "broadcast reminder" setting. When the live broadcast is gradual, the user can receive the announcement information content of the WeChat public account, so that it is not easy to miss the live broadcast time.5. Mini program live broadcast back to watch anytime, anywhereWhat if we missed a wonderful live broadcast? Don’t worry, the mobile WeChat live broadcast is suitable for viewing. If you miss the favorite live broadcast, you can watch it again according to the query, which can help the company to acquire potential customers faster. user.

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What are the functions of live short video system development

The development of a new live studio short video system must be accompanied by some new and indispensable functions. Now, what are the indispensable functions for everyone.1. Video recording. It is indispensable to develop the video recording function of the short video system in the live room. The length of the video recording time can be set at will. After the video recording is over, a simple solution can be realized, including skin beautification, plus bgm, plus actual conversion site Effects, etc., the establishment of a variety of functions can be completed by connecting a large number of SDKs. Both the SDK for video resolution and the SDK for video shooting can give users a very good experience.2. Video sharing. In order to better increase the total traffic of the website developed by the short video system in the live room, the sharing function is indispensable. After the video is released, it can be shared by one-click and sent to other third-party service platforms. Sharing methods include video connection, immediate video conversion and other methods.3. Music background. Damaged by copyright elements, music background has always been a content that is very annoying for short video service platforms. Misuse of music background is likely to lead to infringement liability. Therefore, it is recommended that operators choose good songs when adding music background. , To prevent a lot of unnecessary legal disputes.4. Like the video. The short video system in the live broadcast room develops a distinctive video highly recommended system, and the video likes is inseparable from it. Likes is the user’s recognition of the original creator’s video quality. For videos with high likes, the service platform will give With a large number of window recommendations and a frequency of strong recommendations, the creators also attach great importance to video likes. Often, if they see like at the end of the video, they will like it or care about it.5. Information function. The development of the short video system in the live broadcast room adds the @ function in the evaluation area, and the user can be in the comment area @自己的朋友. The system software publishes messages, version upgrades, bug fixes, new feature releases and other content to users according to the method of private chat. Private chats among users apply text, photos, and video communication, and it provides users with new communication methods. At the same time, it has broadened its own social circle for chatting and making friends.6. Management and control system. Regardless of the service platform, management and control are indispensable, especially in the short video service platform with a large total traffic, it is also necessary to expand the supervision of video content. In addition to the regular content review of the live broadcast room, the short video system development in the live broadcast room also applies to the system software approval of the video. The system software checks the video according to the optimized algorithm system, and does not give a basis for the video that has illegal behavior; The second review and approval were carried out by manpower, which greatly reduced the frequency of videos that violated regulations.

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Video live streaming APP development plan

Plan introductionThe live video app makes it a reality for all members to be anchors. Compared with computer live broadcast, video live broadcast APP is more convenient. Before, if you want to broadcast live on the PC, you need to adjust the video and microphone. The steps are very complicated, and sometimes it will not be tuned well. However, the live video app can be broadcast live by simply turning on the mobile phone, which is simple and convenient, so it is loved by users as soon as it is released.Key functionMobile client functionThe live broadcast lobby provides users with the actual operation and chatting information of the live video broadcast, as well as the corresponding push information, gifts, MMS, etc., that is, members can realize video and voice private messaging with the anchor;Chat: It is mainly the small chat for interactive communication on mobile phones, including push messages, push gifts, push MMS, and private messaging functions, that is, members can realize video and voice private messaging with the anchor.Love to see the deficiencies that have faded in the past, and users can watch it on any occasion, and it is not easy to miss all the wonderful moments;Community: The community is a service platform for members to communicate and exchange, where organizations can publish the latest news, and members can publish posts;Settings: Room video settings: turn off the video, turn off the sound, accept new information, sound reminder, sound reminder;More: It contains several elements of settings, my materials, feedback, manuals, and updated versions.Backstage management system functionUser description: The key user population includes tourists, members, VIP members, etc.;Visitors: Management authority: able to preview all opened spaces, and able to access online members in the roomMember: You must apply for registration. After applying for registration, the management rights you can get include the ability to preview all opened rooms; the ability to push messages, MMS, send gifts, and access online members in the roomManagement control module: user high-level management, that is, high-level management can add the next level of management, and set different supervision and control modules for different management.Announcement control module: For different room announcements, senior managers announce to all rooms, agents can have the right to allow announcements in rooms under the house, and network anchors can publish in their own rooms;Statistical analysis of room merchandise: daily record of daily merchandise in the room, including gift merchandise and VIP room merchandise, and has the function of exporting data information.

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