What should I pay attention to when I live source code? Provide source code, secondary development! What can Nasinet live source development do!

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  The rapid development of the live broadcast industry has led to the growth of live streaming source code development, and the development of high-quality live broadcast system software is also the core of the live streaming industry. The secondary development and reasonable development cost of live source code are particularly important. What should I pay attention to when I live source code? Provide source code, secondary development! What can Sodium Live Source Development do!

Live source code

1. What is the core of live source code?

  Source secondary development. Open source live source price is low, can not be secondary development, the app features and system requirements will not be too high, so there is so much traffic. In fact, the core of live APP source code is the source code, the source code is the customer's own master. The capabilities of the live broadcast system can be redestred in the future. Redeloying improves app functionality and fixes bugs in the system as quickly as possible.

2. CDN service provider.

  The choice of CDN service providers is important. There are many CDN service providers in China, and the server distribution of each service provider is different. We have to choose the server with the widest distribution and the largest number of servers. This way, when dealing with high-level traffic of information, the pressure on the server is less, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the server.

The wide distribution of CDN server nodes directly affects the transmission time of video data stream. The closer the node is to the user's playback side, the shorter the video transfer speed, so that the video can play quickly. 

Live source code

3. Third-party service providers.

  Accessing third-party services not only saves development costs and time, but also makes it easy for users to use. Users do not need mail verification of the login method, just allow live software login, shorten the login time, to ensure the user's retention rate. In addition to logging into the three-way service, there are three-way payment, three-way sharing, map location, etc. The services of these three relate to the ultimate integrity of the system.

4. Live system test process.

  Live source code can only be tested to be on the shelf. Product testing can promptly check to fix problems found, bugs and minor issues can affect the user experience. Faced with changing usage requirements, test developers can quickly implement customized features based on JMeter source modifications and secondary development to better meet the real needs of the business and customers.

5. Live APP on-shelf delivery.

  After the live app source test is complete, you can consider taking it on the shelf. Note that the review time placed on the Apple Store is long and requires an advance application. Remember to apply for a company account when you apply. Applying for a company account is easy to operate, and now it is basically difficult to apply for a corporate account. 

Nasinet Live Viewpoint: The value of live source development is that it is a complete live broadcast system with distinct features that are different from traditional live streaming platforms. The most important point is that with the source code, we do not have to go through the complex process of the new APP design and development, directly use the existing functions of the source code for secondary development, quickly complete the platform construction and deployment, greatly shorten the development time and cost.

Live source code

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How much does it cost to develop a live video app?

In an era when live video is popular, many companies want to develop live video app programs, but many people are not sure about the upfront preparation for the development of live app, including cost budget, so how much does it cost to develop a live video app?OneThe cost of developing a live video app consists of:Before you understand the cost of developing a live video app, you must understand what the cost of app development is.1, basic machinery and equipment costs:The basic operation of the app, remove single-player games, stand-alone and other apps that are not connected to the network, must convey the information content through the network server, the size of the network server depends on the size of the app and the requirements of the later, the larger the volume of the server the higher the price.2. Developer fees:Participate in the whole process of live app development of professional and technical personnel, test technicians pay, live app development enterprise benefits of new projects. The longer the development time, the more role, the less easy to complete, the higher the cost.3. Maintenance costs:After the development of the live video app, not once and for all, but according to the customer's opinion for the video live app system adjustment and upgrade, update the network server, deal with common failures, bugs need late maintenance.TwoHow much does it cost to develop a live video app?Knowing the cost of video live app development, the cost of video live app development is easier to calculate.Live APP development mainly has two main development entities: one is self-employed team, the other is to find APP outsourcing development company, different development entities cost different.The first is team development:First, their own company to form a team, the need for a lot of labor costs, the development of live video APP project needs at least product managers, ui designers, two front-end technical personnel (Apple and Android), back-office technicians (divided into multiple languages, according to the need to choose the right back-office language can be, different language wages are different), and so on, of course, this requires long-term labor costs, Chengdu's total monthly salary of about 35,000, mainly depending on their technical and experience wagesSecond, looking for app outsourcing development companies, there are general differences between customization and template development, and their level of development is also very different.The second is app outsourcing company development.1. Template development:Template development is relatively simple, the overall price is quite cheap, there are live app's main functional plate, you can directly buy source code, perhaps there are thousands of sales. Before making an appointment, Zhongjie Science and Technology must pay attention to the availability of the system, whether it is stable, whether there are insufficient functions and other issues, to avoid the later can not be used, the other side does not recognize the situation. After all, the source code has been given to you. You can't say for sure if you don't change.2. Custom development:Custom development is mainly based on the functional needs of the implementation to evaluate costs, so the early clear needs are very important. Otherwise, post-functionality may be missing and will not work properly. At the same time, the functionality will be charged separately during or after development. There are many features for developing live video apps, with initial development costs rangeing from 100,000 to hundreds of thousands.Live APP custom development, according to the needs of the product to develop APP, to achieve the desired function of the product. As long as the needs of the product detailed to the APP development company, the software development company will be based on your needs to develop a complete program, the development of suitable for the enterprise APP. But the only difference between APP custom development and template development is that the price is higher than template development. The development of custom APP can range from tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of dollars, all of which are priced according to functionality.Summary: Live video APP development. In order to ensure the quality of live APP development and user experience, it is best to adopt a customized development model, so it is very important to choose a regular professional APP development company.Welcome to consult Hubei app software development company Nasinet Network Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in software development for more than 10 years, the development of cases of social apps, live apps, e-games app, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence development. Welcome to our field trip.This article was published by Hubei Nasinet Network Technology and reproduced at

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What are the features and benefits of live VIDEO APP development?

For live video APP, its own characteristics are able to communicate and discuss with users on the platform. According to user habits, the development of interactive, high-performance video live APP, enhance the user's sense of participation. What are the features and benefits of live VIDEO APP development?At present, live video is developing towards the civilianization of the anchor and the popularization of the content. It's more like mapping public life information into video in real time and then aggregating it into a specific platform where users can get or exchange information.OneVideo live APP development key features:1, live room to provide users with live video operation and chat interface content, as well as related replies, gifts, interaction and other information.2, video playback function: farewell to miss the regret, users whenever and wherever they look back, will not miss any wonderful moments;3, community function: community is a communication platform, where you can publish the latest news, members can post, increase user stickiness.TwoLive video APP system settings:Video settings: shutdown video, shutdown sound, receive information, sound prompt, vibration prompt;Share function: users can share room number to other platforms, such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc., so that more people pay attention to;MORE: Includes settings, my information, feedback, usage instructions, updated versions and more.ThreeVideo Live APP Development Benefits:1, user positioning more accurate:Division operation so that users no longer have to think the live platform, just open the APP directly to see what they want to see, on it. For the user, the positioning is accurate and easy to observe and operate.2, the anchor positioning is accurate:As with user positioning, anchors can be more accurate for live platforms. Even with topic classification, viewers can't find themselves as quickly as possible, so segmentation of the live market is good for anchors.3.More competitive:After segmenting the live video platform, the live broadcast platform can be accurately classified. The original video-on-demand platform transformation, focusing on the development of cosmetics live platform. Target a wide range of people, in the live broadcast industry, also more competitive.4. Easier to manage:Due to the current live broadcast platform due to unclear classification, large mobility of people, many reasons lead to the platform supervision is not in place, there have been a variety of illegal acts, and the real name system and grading system can effectively monitor the live broadcast platform. Market segments, accurate positioning, different audiences have different management methods, relatively speaking, easy to manage behind the scenes.To sum up: users in the live platform to watch the reasons for live video, most hope to see more exciting content through the video, especially in the live broadcast of the wonderful clips, live video APP can also help users find a new anchor. In general, users can get a better content experience by combining live and short videos.Welcome to consult Hubei app software development company Nasinet Network Technology Co., Ltd., professional software development for more than 10 years, the development case has social apps, live apps, e-games app, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence development. Welcome to our field trip.This article was published by Hubei Nasinet Network Technology and reproduced at

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