Online education live system software, the development of education live system, so that learning more efficient!

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  With the development of live-streaming technology, the online education live-streaming system has become the new way of education. So what should be the function of developing the online education live broadcast system, Nasinet network editor to learn more about it!

Online education live-streaming system


Online education live system development:

  1, online education system through live classroom live teaching.

You can watch the video teaching live in class. Watch live video directly online via mobile APP, search for the courses you need, and watch instructional videos online.

2, live online classroom learning exchanges.

Most educational live-streaming systems have many ways to interact. Whiteboard communication through text, voice, expression, etc. refers to the student raised his hand to nominate, with the teacher's consent, with the teacher to operate the classroom whiteboard. This kind of communication is more practical in a live classroom.

3, online education live system course recording and playback.

Online education live-streaming system, students do not have to worry about the time to miss the live-streaming course. For some courses, the knowledge of a class may be more intensive, live class may not be immediately after the end of the knowledge point, so repeated learning for students to firmly grasp knowledge, it is particularly important.

4, online live broadcast system release operations and approval.

Live streaming system and classroom data sharing. Job layout is mostly done through demonstration, and the job batch changes to paperless. Students don't have to worry about losing homework placement records, and teachers are getting faster and faster. The use of educational resources to develop the online live broadcast system is also the core technology to develop the teaching live broadcast system.

5, support online live video playback function.

The authenticity of answering questions face-to-face in live online simulation. Teachers and students use the online education system to teach. Therefore, when choosing a teaching system, you often need to choose an online education live platform that can watch teaching videos online, or you can play back the instructional videos directly.

Online education live-streaming system


Features of the online education live streaming system:

  1, online education live system one-on-one teaching function:

Teachers and students can create one-on-one live instruction and customize their own classrooms.

2, online booking courses:

Online booking of courses, customized teachers, teaching hours and other functions.

3, other custom functions.

Additional coaching and teaching features look forward to your customization.

Third, the development of online education live system:

  It is important to develop the function of educational live-streaming system, but in order to ensure the normal, stable and non-Katon of online teaching, the development of online education live-streaming system also needs to be deployed in a stable network environment. The above is an introduction to the development function of the online education live-streaming system, I hope it will help you.

Online education live-streaming system

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