Run a live broadcast platform and build your own live video platform! Live source development!

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   As the core of the live broadcast system, the development of live source code plays a vital role in it. In the field of development, the source code development of the live broadcast system is the main driving force for the realization of the live broadcast function.

Live source development

Live development requires high-quality live system source code, but the principle of live source code development is much more complex, absolutely need high-tech. So in order to avoid a lot of pits in the live market, as a service provider focused on the source code development of the live system, specially introduced the source code development technology of the live system to help you build your own live video platform.


Different scenarios.

1. The development of the live broadcast system starts with the live webcast. With the network red anchor as the selling point, developed the program's live chat room. Strictly speaking, it wasn't live, it was the concept of a web chat room.

2. However, with the enhancement of the property of live video, the function of the live broadcast platform began to develop gradually, and the source code of the live broadcast platform was born.

3. Mobile live broadcast is the most popular way of live broadcasting. With the popularity of smartphones and the continuous updating and iteration of technology, mobile phones from communication tools to necessities of life, mobile phone video source code development is more and more popular with users.

Live source development


The live video audience is different.

1. With the change of social demand, the use of mobile terminals is getting higher and higher, and most young users prefer to watch live on their mobile phones, because they can be used anywhere, anytime, anywhere. became a data terminal.

2. The 5G era of live streaming groups are different, when it is not convenient to use mobile phones, usually need to use a computer. Webcasting is also an important form of network promotion for these users.


Development mechanisms are different.

1. Live source code is developed on the PC side, the technology is more mature and stable. The development of mobile live streaming systems is more difficult than live video.

2. Considering that there are two systems on the market, Android and Apple, the adaptability of different Android models needs to be considered when developing. In addition, the two systems use different technologies and development languages and require different technicians, making development relatively difficult.

To sum up: under the premise of secondary development of source code, the application function layer of the whole system is complete. Having a source code for live software is not a big success. There are many problems such as the construction and configuration of the source code of the live broadcast system and the secondary development of the source code. Don't think you can rest easy by buying the source code for the live streaming system. Only when the live broadcast platform is officially put into public testing is the last step in the development of the live broadcast platform.

Live source development

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What can newbies do to increase their popularity? Skills and experience of novice live broadcast

With the Queen’s live-streaming and selling of rockets in a few seconds, the large order of 40 million has been sold in a few seconds. Do you also want to join the live broadcast? Do you also want to be an anchor? In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in live streaming. Today, I will share with you: How can a newbie of live streaming to increase popularity.Ways to increase popularity by novice live broadcast1. The new anchor will interact with each other.Everyone should grasp the word interaction. How to ensure the actual interaction depends on my coping ability and performance speed. Everyone should understand that the anchors in every live broadcast room either play their own songs, or play songs, and some anchors sing. The most effective way to increase popularity value faster is to interact.2. Be an anchor every day to have new breakthroughs.First of all, if you want to successfully develop your live broadcast room popularity, you must have a QQ group. Ten people are added every day, so what you should do tomorrow is to promote these 10 people. Everyone must understand that the fan group is your real steady staff, the steady staff watching the live broadcast, and what I said above Smooth staff with interactive communication.3. Find live topics to discuss.Topic discussion needs to be adequate every day. Or, interesting things, popular things, funny paragraphs, let the audience see that it is not so boring. When the viewers come to your live broadcast room to see the atmosphere and the level of fun and interactive communication of the anchor, they will naturally go to great lengths to register an account and want to chat with you, and want to watch your live broadcast. The bigger heart of the viewers watching the live broadcast is the sense of superiority. If they want to have a sense of superiority, of course they will live here and they can't catch up.4. Individual language must be used throughout the live broadcast.Everyone should have unique funny jokes and unique sentences. Give an example. "Why", "Who else", everyone should know. There is nothing wrong with it. Some of its own language expressions and sentences, like that, are sometimes more critical. Not only to make complaints better, but in case of emergency, when you do not expect the words, or when the words are poor, you can use your sentences to talk about topics.Novice live broadcast method work experienceMethod 1: Do a good job of content sharing throughout the live broadcastBecause novice anchors do not appear in the channel column, or the probability of emergence will be relatively small, the early content accumulation depends on the anchors themselves, and content sharing is very important at this time! The first to be able to send the live broadcast trailer to each of its social platforms. Secondly, share the detailed address of your live broadcast room before you officially start the live broadcast. When a large number of fans watch your live broadcast room, they will truly transform into your live broadcast customers and generate sticky customers that belong to you.Method 2: Do content synchronization during the live broadcast periodIn the case of live broadcast, it will be automatically synchronized to Sina Weibo, so that your fans on Taobao will receive your live broadcast information as soon as possible. In addition, properly using the role of sending messages to fans during the entire live broadcast process can also generate a moderate audience in your live broadcast room!Method 3: Prepare the live content about correct guidanceIn the case of live content, you must pay attention to correctly guide the audience to pay attention to you anytime, anywhere, and pay attention to attracting audiences to become your fans with high-quality, interesting, and realistic content. To understand that live broadcast is a special tool for strong interactive communication, we must pay attention to and care about the interactive communication in the middle.

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What is important in the development of short video system? Is it a system function or a software interface?

If you have carefully observed the current short video industry, you will find that more and more people like to use their mobile phones to scan small videos. Various short video apps are flooding our lives. Many people have also seized this opportunity and got to know To the importance of short video system development, it still takes a lot of effort to design the entire system.1. System functionThe first thing that needs to be guaranteed is the function. When a user who meets the requirements and conditions can register his own account, he can also set his own password and bind his mobile phone number. Some people may not understand the purpose of setting a mobile phone number. This is for you A backup method when you forget the original password and cannot log in. It can help you retrieve your password quickly.There are many other functions in this short video system, such as video likes, comments, sharing and forwarding, and system search functions. For example, if some people want to watch funny videos, they can quickly find them through this search function. The short video you want to watch, of course, this system should also have many other functions.2. Program development and source code designSo after determining the basic functions of short video, what should be used to support the entire short video system? At this time, it is necessary to design the relevant program code and source code for these functions, but the knowledge and skills of the individual cannot make a perfect system, and the development and design of the professional team is needed to develop the entire system.Some people may have fewer skills and no good design plan. At this time, you can find a professional development team. Now there is a NAS development system platform that specializes in short video system and source code design. If you find Less than a reliable platform, you can choose NASS development system.3. Large scale and quick startNowadays, short videos have attracted the attention of many people. People can not only see their favorite types, but also see their favorite products or books in these short videos. This involves live delivery and advertising marketing.If the short video system you want to develop does not have these functions, then this system is imperfect. Some people share their life experiences through short videos, while others introduce some useful products. To realize these functions, you need corresponding development technology.For a team with strong strength, a professional team can develop the required system within the time specified by the customer. If you are still worried about the program and source code of the system, and don’t know how to design and develop it, Then choose the Nass development system, which can bring you a more stable system.

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Development of live webcast delivery system: how about Nass network?

Compared with the traditional TV live broadcast, the web live broadcast obviously has more incomparable advantages. It only needs a mobile phone and can live broadcast anytime and anywhere. Users can also watch the live broadcast without the limitation of time and space; at the same time, with With the popularity of mobile payment, it is more convenient for buyers to make live shopping, and transactions can be completed with the touch of their fingers. At the same time, after-sales are more secure. Nasi Networks can help users easily realize the development of webcasting systems, making webcasting easier and faster.01 Complete system and complete functionsBased on the demand of live webcast to bring goods, Nass Networks has launched the Nass grass seeding and goods delivery system, which includes the development of live broadcast and short video systems. The live broadcast interface is simple and intuitive, and users can quickly find the function buttons they need. , Bring a good user experience. At the same time, it can realize the dynamic display of various pictures and texts, the intelligent classification of commodities and topics, to maximize the attention of users, stimulate consumption, and promote the realization of traffic.02 Diversified delivery methodsNot limited to the only way to bring goods through live webcasts, Nass Networks has launched a variety of ways to bring goods. While realizing live broadcast of goods, it also supports short videos, pictures and texts, and other forms of delivery methods. Users can choose according to their own needs. Likes, choose the channel you like to learn about product details, grow grass products, and buy products.For example, the short video function interface launches the function of viewing the same product. When the user scans the short video and is interested in the clothing of the video creator, click to view the same product to see the same product. The design is very user-friendly and to the greatest extent To meet user needs.03 Support individualized demand customization and provide professional technical supportWhen customers have requirements for functions other than the existing functional modules, Nass Networks can provide customized services for personalized needs, upgrade and improve the system according to customer needs, and do its best to meet customer needs.Regarding the after-sales service, if customers have any questions about the use of the system, after-sales services will provide a one-to-one professional answer, and will also provide professional support services and technical support in terms of system technology, so that customers have no worries when purchasing the system. The company will do everything it can to provide services and support, so that every customer can have a pleasant shopping experience.When webcasting is becoming more and more popular nowadays, most webcasting systems are similar. At this time, the completeness of the system, complete functions, personalized customization and humanized design of the system can greatly improve the core competitiveness of the live broadcast system. Nass Networks can provide customers with a worry-free, time-saving, and labor-saving live delivery system, professional technical support and after-sales service guarantee, and it is the wise first choice for a company that chooses a web live delivery system development company.

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